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About Us

İşletmeniz İçin En İyi Çözümü Sağlıyoruz

Our expert consultants are designed for practical and sustainable solutions, reconstruction monitoring and global planning for applications that can be applied with different applications acquisitions.
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Çakmak Makina

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10 February, 2018

Exhibition Planning Exhibition Management

10 June, 2018

Growth in Turkey in the first half of 2018

19 August, 2018

Purpose of the business plan

02 January , 2019

Focus work history on what is important for planning

22 September, 2019

Finding solutions for work experiences

12 January, 2018

Cakmak Machinery Establishment

08 September, 2018

Registered as a machine manufacturer

18 August, 2018

Çakmak makina ilk firmasını kurdu.

27 September, 2018

Business plans, operational plans and strategic plans

08 June, 2019

Awards Won