Drum Seperator

  • Category: Pre-Cleaning

  • Product Code: CMK-DE01


It is used for pre-cleaning in silos before product git into them. It is used incleaning of grain products such as barley,wheat,and legumes etc.With the special air tunnel in the area ofproduct input,product is subjected to air flow by which dust and all other impurities are removed.Products passes throuhg holes of various sizes int he machine and bigger substances are discardedat the end of tambour. It can be used for pre-cleaning, seed cleaning and classification of grain and legumes. Because of the continuous rotation property it has better product fluency. Machine sieves have self cleaning property. They are cleaned with the integrated cylinder cleaning equipments while machine is running and also these equipments prevent sieve holes from obstruction.Sieve replacement is very easy. one can easily change sieves according to product properties. Sieving angle canbe adjusted according to portion of impurities inside the product and user sensitivitiy. Aspiration cyclone system has a compact desing on the machine. It is easy to use and productive machine.


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