Excell (Screen Cleaner)

  • Category: Sieving Machines

  • Product Code: CMK-EX01


This machine enables the user to grade the product to five sizes, whether pre-cleaned or not(not necessary to clean)and or to seperate the broken grains out. It can before the color sorting machine for capacity enlargement. In its standard, there are fixed and mobile models. feed over the width of the machine.There is an adjustable feed gate which ll only be adjusted when the opening needs to be bigger due to difficult floating products, i.e. fava beans.Screens(LxW=2000x1000mm)can be employed as sieves,sorters or graders,and are effectively kept clean by plastic brushes. It is not necessary to take out the brushes when changing screens.Eccentric drive system for the screen boat is supplied standard with fixed speed or alternative frequency regulation.Four screened grades and one out put grade, in total five graded or sorted product options.


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